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The amazing things you see at home...

This week has been a bit of a marvel for seeing some amazing things from our own garden - I would say back garden, but it's more of a side field... anyway...I digress!

First up we have had a nesting pair of short-earred owls hunting around tea time every evening in the still golden light - a magnificent site - which has highlighted my lack of big enough telephoto lens - which eveidently I need to sort out! I even got the tripod out on the second evening but they didn't come quite close enough! Here are some of the results...

The next day we were treated to a Sun Halo or Sun Bow < click on the words to find out more if you're interested. I recently saw one of these around the Moon, but did not have a decent enough camera with me to capture it unfortunately. Here is what I got from the Sun Halo though - I love the way that the clouds are shaped around it, it gives it al almost erry mystical vibe. I posted this on Aberdeenshire in Colour on Facebook and got over 200 likes for it and an absurd amount of shares too!

Otherwise I captured this lovely sunset shot - not to be confused with a sun halo - it's lens flare on this one.

If you'd like to see more of my landscape work please take gander at my landscapes website page. Also do feel free to go and follow me on facebook at instagram where I post a vistal blog most days of life during lockdown, amongst other things!

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