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Running on empty whilst planning for 20

After almost a year of lockdowns, a bit of freedom and lockdowns again, it's entirely understandable that your amazing (originally 2020) wedding hasn't happened yet and that you are now just exhausted by the entire thing and quite frankly just want to be married and done with it. I don't blame you! As a wedding photographer I saw the weddings on my books last year reduce from my normal 20 to 7 - only 2 of which were actually ones that were on the books pre-covid, everyone else postponed, some cancelled, some relationships didn't make it to the other side of lockdown. It's been a difficult year for everyone.

What I can say of those two weddings that went ahead with a 20 guest headcount - reduced from over 100 guests, they were absolutely extra special, yes it was sad that key members of the family were not there for both sets of couples, but their actual days were fantastic in their own unique ways. & Your day does not have to be anything less than amazing even with just 20 people present.

Postpone or go ahead with reduced numbers?

Its a tough choice - you could keep postponing, or you could have your special day with reduced numbers and maybe not both your families present in person. Who is to say when number will go back up to 'normal' however, this could go on for years. I've already had couples asking to move to 2023 and beyond in the hope that they will get the day that they planned. Have you considered live streaming your ceremony for the whole family, wherever they may be to see in real time? Maybe you hadn't considered a videographer before but now with less people you could afford one? The thing is don't be confined by traditions, that yes you do need to have your mums best friends aunties cousin there, you don't need to have extra ribbons on chairs, or expensive favours for over 100 people. The rituals of a wedding day don't always need to happen and even if you cannot have your first dance with a live band - you can still capture photographs of you dancing together. Make it more about you

Sometimes weddings can get out of hand - it becomes more about how much you've spent on your day than how much you love each other. Having an elopement or micro-wedding means that you can really focus in on what is special to you, make it more personal.

Photos & Films are now extra important

Never has my job been more important - bringing your wedding out of the day and showing those who couldn't be there. Your Granny who was sheilding, your auntie in Australia they all want to see you on your special day, even if they unforunately couldn't be there. It's important to pick a photographer (and maybe a videographer too) who will capture your day and all the bits that made it so special (that's me, just in case you were wondering!)

This summer our little team of 2 has gone above and beyond to capture super special days for our clients, meeting them on blustery loch shores in the mountains, seacliff edges, in the sideways rain at Aberdeen Beach, back gardens, formal gardens... even a church! And more importantly, we've loved every minute of it! (could have done with a few more though!)

So if you're now running on empty trying to plan your perfect day, and you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel - maybe consider a smaller wedding, this year. Maybe consider eloping, just you and having a party later, or maybe even just saving the money you would have spent on the big day (or party) for a house deposit. I know I'm pretty exhausted with it all, but just take this time to breathe, pick those few things that cannot wait, see to them, and just focus on you and what matters to you. And if you're reading this and want to chat about your plans, reducing the size of your day, postponing or just need to offload - then please do get in touch and I can offer your a freindly ear and understanding and even a facetime hug if you need one! Check out and for my smaller wedding packages

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