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You don't have to have a wedding album at all - the digital files are all yours to print and share as you desire - however you have made it to this page - so you're obviously a little bit interested in the wedding albums that Babe in the Wood::Media has to offer,  I mean who wouldn't be?! They're gorgeous!

Prices start at £200 for a boxed Prestige Textile Collection Album & starting at £300 for albums in our new Velvet & Suede Collection

We have several options as far as Albums are concerned please take a look through the following options and samples to see what you would like...

I can also create the 'stick in' variety of album from any of the Textile Range fabrics - 60 pages and your photograph prints professionally printed in a range of sizes.

Wedding Albums


Colour & Material Options
















Textile Collection

Colour names

 1. Crimson Peak

2. Professor Plum

3. From Dawn til Dust

4. Man of Teal

5. Tangerine Dream

6. Indigo Jones

7. Violet Delights

8. Petroleum Bonaparte

9. Once upon a Lime
10. Run Forrest Run

11. Big Blue

12. Strangely Brown

13. Tango in the Night 

14. Ladies in Lavender 

Velvet & Suede Collections

Colour names

Velvet Collection

15. Dove Grey

16. Silver Grey

17. Elephant Grey

18. Iron Grey

19. Ash Blue

20. Deep Sea Blue

21. Emerald Green

22. Taupe Brown

23. Dijon Yellow


Suede Collection
24. Sand Dune Beige

25. Soft Rose Pink

26. Fandango Pink

13. Cardinal Red
















Wooden & Fabric Boxes can be personalised with your names, wedding date and intricate designs including swavorski crystals

Sample Album Sets

Textile Album Collection

This Album set is a complete boxed set with colour coordinatoing USB, Swavorski Crystal design on the box and album, personalised with the names of the couple and date of their wedding, has a lie flat option for the pages,

the colour used for this album and box is '4. Man of Teal', the album size is 25x25cm


This Album set is Wooden Boxed Album, the album has an Acrylic Photograph on the cover personalised with the names of the couple, it has a lie flat option for the pages, the colour used for this albums is '7. Violet Delights', the size of the album is 30x30cm

Priced from £250


Velvet & Suede Album Collection

Get a



This is the Velvet & Suede Collection, available in an array of beautiful colours and sizes | Priced from £300


If you fancy the thrill of the chase why not choose one of my traditional albums.

With 60 pages to stick in your favourite photographs, jot notes about the day, stick in pressed flowers or little momentos from the day.

Choose up to 100 images to stick into your album.

Priced from £200

Choose from any of the Textile Collection colours for album.


Traditional Album Collection