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Event PhotoBooth Contract

On booking my services it is assumed that you have read through this contract and agree to all statements listed. Please Sign and fill out all the requested information on the e-form located on the Contracts Page


In the following terms & conditions "the photobooth supplier" shall mean Rhian Wood trading as Rhian Wood Photography/Babe in the Wood Media. "The client(s)" shall be those persons who originally book the photobooth. It is agreed that the following terms set out the total agreement made between the parties and that no variation or modification of this contract shall be effective unless agreed by both parties in writing.

Booking Fee Payments

A non-refundable booking fee of £50 as well as full acceptance of the terms and conditions as published on the the photobooth supplier's website secures the time and services of the PhotoBooth for the event and is nonrefundable or transferable in the event of cancellation, it being the agreed loss suffered by the photographer due to cancellation. The booking fee will be deducted from the cost of the client's chosen package when calculating the final balance due. Payment in full of the remaining balance will be due one calendar month before the event day. Events that are postponed to a later date will retain the fee as long as the the photobooth supplier can re-schedule for the new date and time.

Event Arrangements

The details of the Event arrangements are to be agreed beforehand in writing (email is acceptable). The Client shall notify the the photobooth supplier of any changes to these details in writing. The the photobooth supplier cannot be held liable for delays or disruption in their delivery of the service until any changes are received, and acknowledged in writing.


Babe in the Wood::Media will deliver setup and remove the photo booth from event location. Operation of photo booth times may be adjusted if event location or client ends the event prior to the contracted end time and no refund of money will apply. The area where the photo booth is to be set up has level ground, has enough room for at least 2 vehicles to be parked side by side (allowing for van and awning) – a power source MUST be made available for the photobooth to be able to function.  Babe in the Wood::Media requires access to venue at least 60 minutes before the event and 30 minutes after the event for setup and takedown.


Babe in the Wood::Media agrees to have the photo booth operational for the time period specified; however, in some situations operations may need to be interrupted for maintenance, service and/or photography optimizations. Babe in the Wood::Media agrees to send a qualified technician onsite to maintain and operate the photo booth. Client agrees that Babe in the Wood::Media will not be responsible for consequential damages. If only partial services can be provided due to conditions beyond our reasonable control, then an alternative indoor version of the PhotoBooth shall be provided.


The Client may cancel this contract at any time by giving written notice to The Photographer/s but in doing so shall forfeit any monies paid. Cancellation less than 2 weeks before the event will result in the payment in full becoming due. All cancellations must be in writing.




The client(s) hereby allow(s) the the photobooth supplier to display any photograph covered by this contract and to generally promote the business in advertising, brochures, magazine articles, websites, social media, sample albums etc.



Client acknowledges that it shall be responsible for any damage or loss to the Babe in the Wood::Media equipment caused by: a) any misuse of the equipment by Client or its guests, or b) any theft or disaster (including but not limited to fire, flood or earthquake). c) loss of power or power surges to the photo booths at any time resulting in loss of pictures or damage of software and/or equipment


The copyright Designs and Patents Acts assign the copyright of the images to the the photobooth supplier. Any images or copies of images whether stored digitally or otherwise and any computer program including any source or object code, computer files or printed documentation relating to such images are protected by the Copyright and Design Act 1988. It is contrary to the Act to copy or allow to be copied photographically/electronically or by any other means an image created as part of this contract without the permission of The the photobooth supplier in writing. The Clients and close family and friends may display their photographs on social media etc.


Force Majeure or Act of God

The due performance of this contract is subject to alteration or cancellation by either party owing to any cause beyond their control. Although all equipment is checked regularly and reasonable steps are taken to ensure backup equipment is available, the the photobooth supplier will not be responsible for photographs that are not produced due to technical failure.

Vehicular Breakdown

The campervan photobooth is an old vehicle and whilst regularly repaired we cannot guarantee that she will always make it to the venue the event. Where breakdown is unavoidable and all measures have been taken to get the camervan to the venue have been made, an alternative indoor version of the campervan will be offered in its stead.


Limitation of Liability

In the unlikely event of a total photographic failure or cancellation of this contract by either party or in any other circumstance the liability of one party to the other shall be limited to the total value of the contract. Neither party shall be liable for indirect or consequential loss.

Personal Accident

Any directions issued to clients, their guests or employees during a photographic shoot are deemed to be at said persons own risk. The photographer cannot be held responsible for any personal accidents during a photographic shoot.

Retention of images

The raw unedited images from you event are retained on file until a 6 month period.



What you will recieve

As per the package you request at the time of booking. If you would like to request a different package after booking this can be done in consultation with Babe in the Wood::Media prior to your wedding. You will always recieve your images on an online album from which you can download, share and print.

When Will you will recieve your Online Album

I aim to get your online album to you as soon as possible. Please allow up to 3 weeks.

Data Retention - GDPR Compliance

Your data will be retained on file until satisfactory completion of your contract has taken place - at which point your data will be removed from its securely stored location. Should you wish to remain in touch with Babe in the Wood::Media please do so by following our business social media outlets.

Governing Law

This agreement shall be governed in accordance with the Scottish Law.

The terms of this contract are accepted by :




on behalf of Rhian Wood/ Babe in the Wood :: Media

Address: Kiplaw Croft, Hatton, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire. AB42 0SU

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