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Cairngorms Elopement - Kirsty & James

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Right then dear reader, I’ll kick off this blogging malarky with my lovely elopement couple from October.

It was 2018 when the lovely Kirsty got in touch with me, just after I had posted some photographs of my last elopement wedding on instagram. They were getting married in the same place and same week in the year as the previous years couple and booked me on the spot after seeing my work!

Fast forward a year and I get a message from Kirsty asking if I had someone else who could counter sign the marriage certificate for them and act as a witness... as luck would have it, i did... (plus a bonus flower girl, my daughter, as it was the October holidays & Kirsty and James were so lovely for including her in their day) !

We trooped over to Netheybridge the day before the nuptuals, stoping at Auchindoun Castle en-route to capture some spectacular photos with the drone. Staying in Aviemore for the night.

The Wedding Day

The day of the wedding was bright blue sky with candyfloss clouds and autumnal colours - just perfect! We drove to the Lazy Duck and I captured some images of them getting ready. We all had a lovely time chatting whilst they prepared themselves for their tiny ceremony. The celebrant arrived and proceedings were underway - a very intimate ceremony, all about the couple. Beautiful. With only the minor mishap of my child (why my child?!) losing her shoe mid ceremony and doing her ring bareing duties with one shoe on and one shoe off! After the ceremony we took a trip over to Cairngorm Mountain, via Loch Morlich. What a stunning day and I was so excited about these photographs! I hope you enjoy looking through some of them below!

What Kirtsy & James had to say:

Oh my goodness, they are amazing!! We love them so much. - Kirsty
Thanks so much for the photos, they look truly amazing. I’m so grateful that you and your family we’re able to be part of our day! - James for all the info on eloping!

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