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Back in the video game...

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

We have decided that after taking a small break from offering video production that we do want to provide it as a service going forwards. However the format is going to a little different to straight out wedding videography...

So what we are offering is a Wedding Highlights Film that can be bolted onto your Wedding Photography package. The films will be approximately 5 minutes in length and be in the format of a montage to music (much like the examples shown here) but also with key audio added in from the day - usually funny jokes that were made, or a meaningful speech exerpt or even just a classic funny or two that was said by a guest.

We will also be offering Elopement Highlights films too going forwards - which can be bolted on to an elopement photography package.

Why not full coverage?

We have decided not to offer Full Film coverage going forwards due to the time factors involved when editing a full length wedding and also we just love piecing together the montage highlights films... and a little less so the full length versions. As a result the day would be captured in a completely different way to the way we used to capture a full length video, instead capturing snippets in a 'fusion' fashion, therefore any raw/ full legth footage options would not be available (so please don't ask). If a Photography & Highlights package is something that piques your interest - do give us a shout and we can discuss this with you further.

P.S. What about Drone footage? Well... YES.... once I'm through the commercial license then it's all systems go with that as part of the highlights films too! (Please feel free to give me a boot up the bottom to get the final exam out of the way! I need it!)

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