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Well that didn't go to plan... - Sarah & Jonathan

You will have seen Sarah & Jonathan feature in some of my previous blog posts - having a Zoom wedding on their original wedding date, then I did a Facetime Photoshoot with them to comemorate the day. What happened next you ask... well...

So Sarah and Jonathan decided to postpone their 'legal' wedding ceremony to October 2020 - that's all very well and good you say. However, they had originally planned a day with over 100 guests at their church in Rosemount and a reception at Norwood Hall Hotel in Aberdeen. That's not quite what happened!

We were in communications for months on the run up to October, checking to see what could and couldn't go ahead and then a week or so before the wedding was scheduled to happen - the proverbial hit the fan! Sarah and Jonathan had planned an intimate ceremony at Jonathan's parents garden in Old Meldrum, having thought out a wet and dry weather plan and I had come to view the garden to get an idea of how the day would happen.

A day after my visit I recieved a panicked message from Sarah saying that they had been contacted by Aberdeenshire Council and told that they could no longer have their ceremony in a private garden...

Cue Pitmedden Gardens to the rescue! Jonathan's dad was a volunteer for Pitmedden Gardens and on contacting them they welcomed the couple with open arms. Their ceremony was saved! (Typically a few days later the decision for private residences to be allowed to have ceremonies was reversed - but the wedding went ahead at Pitmedden regardless)

The day of the wedding came. Bridal preparations were done at Norwood Hall - followed by a campervan drive out to Pitmedden. The couple had a fantastic open air ceremony in the formal gardens at Pitmedden and even managed to have a first dance in front of their guests too! We then hot footed it back to Norwood for the reception where we had a small photoshoot, then speeches and the wedding party settled down to their meal.

What with all the driving on the day, I had suggested to Sarah & Jonathan that we have a wedding photo session after they returned from honeymoon, at a more relaxed pace, and they jumped at the chance to get all dressed up again. We went to the cliff tops at Cruden Bay for some rather epic couples photographs of the two of them, which turned out better than I could have possibly hoped for! Here are some of the photos from their wedding day and also the session a couple of weeks later...

Feedback from the couple: Jonathan: "Rhian [...] has done an incredible job, We can't thank her enough for how wonderful she has been" Sarah: "The most amazing day ever was not complete without a spectacular photographer to capture each special moment throughout the day"

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