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A ray of sunshine in dark times...

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Sarah and JB were supposed to get married on 7th April this year - unfortunately they have had to postpone thier Church wedding and reception in Aberdeen until the autumn. However, lockdown or not, nothing could stop this pair saying their vows to each other in front of God! With the wonders of Zoom, Sarah and JB had a ceremony in their own livingroom with their preist, and family members all present online - what a fantastic idea. The legalities still need to be done in the autumn, but this pair are more than overjoyed to finally be husband and wife! Some screenshots were taken of the ceremony which I have now given a little edit to for them.

We also had a mini facetime photoshoot for them - to capture a few more coupley shots for them... here are the results...

Interested in my wedding photography? Check out for more info.

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