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Factime Photoshoots

Updated: May 1, 2020

You may have seen on my Facebook site that I am now offering Facetime Photoshoots for £25. I just wanted to delve into a bit of the detail here as to what you need to know and what to expect from the session & what you need.

Now first things first - the image quality isn't going to be as good as a normal session, in studio or outdoors with my 'proper' camera - it is however a lovely way to document some lockdown life in a new and fun way, whilst also getting some beautiful shots too - it also helps me diversify my creativity and helps me try out new innovative ideas. So next up - what do you need?

  • An iphone is essential (although we can also do these shots in skype or in whatsapp - the quality if by far better on an iPhone's Facetime.

  • You will need to enable Facetime Live Photos (Settings>FaceTime>Live Photos – toggle on)

  • have a stand or a case or a means of propping up your phone that allows your camera to stand unsupported on a surface - this kind of thing is perfect - Phone Stand or Phone Case (Please check to see that your phone fits before ordering them) Alternatively here are a number of ways to prop up your phone on things you might already have around the house - Phone stand ideas

  • Have a decent Wifi or 4G connection

  • We can do these session indoors or outdoors (wifi/4G connection allowing)

  • Be up for a laugh - bring wine or beverage of choice if you like and we'll take as long as we need to get some great shots from the session.

I will then edit them to my style and send you through a link to an online gallery of your photographs asap.

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