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Micro-Weddings: what the what now?!

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

You may have seen the term ‘Micro-Wedding’ banded about lately - but with the heck is everyone chirping on about?

Now, I offer a variety of options when it comes to coverage of smaller weddings and this is what I would define the term as:

A wedding consisiting of the couple to be married and up to 20 guests.

So why is it different to a normal wedding?

Well, usually there is less work involved on the day for us photographers (granted, not less editing mind you!)

There are fewer people & so normally less formal groups shots. A less formal meal, or a booking in a nice restaurant instead & indeed the speeches are shorter in length, if present at all. There’s generally less fuss to the day, and more importantly a lot less stress in the planning stages & indeed on the day, trying to keep to a schedule.

What’s so special about these micro-weddings then?

They're more about the couple and less about what big posh venue you’ve booked, the sweets you have on your sweetie cart, what favours you have on your tables, how large and glamorous your centrepieces are, or indeed having to sit through your second cousin twice removed’s tennis partners slightly tipsy speech; when they accidentally get handed the mic!

It’s all about you, your love for each other and those nearest and dearest to you that you love the best. (Also you save a ton of cash into the bargain...& you can afford a fabulous photographer! ... Just saying!)

Would you have a Micro-Wedding then Rhian?

Totally! If myself and my long term man-child ever tied the knot, my ideal day would consist of just having our parents & our daughter present. I’d bake a cake & set up our garden to look pretty - then we’d have a lovely humanist ceremony & go for a bag of chips and some photos afterwards! Obviously I’d want a pretty dress, some fabulous shoes & I’d probably have someone do my makeup and hair...I’d need to look half decent in my photographs y’know (& my makeup & hair skills leave a bit to be desired!)!

But really just - No big fuss, just love.

Love hasn’t been postponed!

Why wait?!

So if you’re disappointed that you’re maybe having to postpone your wedding yet again due to the ongoing global pandemic, or you just can’t wait to get married to your amazing fiancé, then perhaps having a simple ceremony for yourselves and your nearest and dearest might be the way forward - you can always have a big party later on with all your mates & extended family.

Check out for all the info on my smaller wedding packages or if big weddings are still your thing... check out

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