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Newborn Photography: We all start somewhere

This morning i looked through my Facebook memories and stumbled upon the photos my friend took of my first ever newborn photography session that I did for her 4 years ago, when her daughter had just been born.

Hard to believe this was 4 years ago already! I had immense fun doing this session, & if I remember rightly I had my, then 2 year old daughter there with me too! Terrorising the place with the babies big brother, who was then 3!

It got me thinking about my newborn sessions and how some aspects have developed & some have stayed the same. My setups are different, I still do house calls, but I also now have a home studio to welcome families to, I have an array of different props, boxes, blankets, mini beds, but I think most importantly the quality of my photographs has improved substantially from then to now (which you would hope would be the case! ha ha!). Here’s a couple of photographs from that session:

& Here is a selection from more recent sessions:

It has always however been important to me that no one is stressed or upset during the session, having a newborn is an emotional rollercoaster i know all too well & i like mum & dad to both feel relaxed at the session, as well as baby being a chilled as possible. & newborn safety is paramount to me, in my sessions I opt for more relaxed posing and prefer to be lead by what baby is happy to do, less fussing, no technical posing.

I love photographing tiny little newborn babies, it’s lovely to get cwtches (welsh for bosies/cuddles) and also love chatting with new mums and dads and sometimes offering them help and advice where I can as a mother of a now nearly 6 year old.

if you would like to know more about my newborn photo sessions then please take a look at my webpage:

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