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Photos that get you talking...

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

So this past weekend I did another wedding fair - this time the Ellon Wedding Show at the New Inn, Ellon. I met and chatted to some lovely couples and indeed parents of brides and grooms and got a really nice vibe from the day. It also helped that I was located next to some of my lovely friends in the local Aberdeen and shire wedding supplier world.

There were many people who stopped by and commented on three of my photographs inparticular - all of which piqued their interest in some way and got them talking with me.

Here are the three in question...

Now what is it about these photos that made them key talking points? I personally believe that they were each bold in their own unique ways - that's not to say that my other photographs displayed were in any way mediocre (tush and figh to that!) but these ones either make people laugh, get people talking about the colours or get people commenting on some of the more epic fashion statements contained within. If you've taken time to look through my website and seen any other photographs at are particularly standout that I should be displaying then please do let me know what it was that caught your eye about them. Again, and not that I want to keep banging on about it, but this is another reason why having printed photographs is such a good thing - hidden away on an online album, on facebook or instagram or on an USB in a box noone is ever going to see them - make sure you print your own wedding photographs - either with me professionally (please!) or using your own printers - display them proudly in your home! Enjoy your photographs!

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