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The importance of printing your photos

Ok yes - this is a blatant "you should really buy my gorgeous albums/ photo products" blog post - I make no apologies. But really guys, it is very important to get your photographs printed and displayed in your home. I'm honestly just as bad as everyone else for actually getting photographs printed and up on walls (that and I have an ongoing battle with my partner about his blank white 'cinema screen wall' in our living room (it doubles as a handy studio backdrop for me, but shhh don't tell him that!).

Do you, like me, tend to take photos on your phone where they then, if they're lucky, get uploaded to a cloud space somewhere never to be seen again?! Yep! Or even if you have a 'proper camera' and you take excellent photographs, do the majority just end up going to the great Hard Drive heaven? Yep, me too! Not to get all morbid on your or anything, but when we pass on to the great blue wonder, are our children/ grandchildren really going to sit and comb through disorganised hard drives or even be able to gain access to our cloud storage? Or like us are they going to want to sit and look through photos in an album or display your photos proudly on thier walls?

Since my daughter was born, the amount of phone photographs I take exponentially grew out of hand (some might say!) - I am reminded of some of these photographs when Facebook or instagram shows me my memories from years gone by - which is lovely - but again, I see them at most on an annual occassion. These days myself and my family all recieve a photo calendar for Christmas with a collage of photographs from that particular month during the previous year - it is lovely to look through all the photos of my daughter as she has grown from a baby into a now P1! (& no I can't deal with this fast growing up milarky!)

This Christmas I decided, right, get some photos printed professionally for you and your family to enjoy - I sent away to my professional print lab for a family photo of the three of us, and some of our landscape photographs... ok they are yet to actually make it onto the wall, but they look fantastic!

Again with albums and photobooks, now I'm a self confessed bibliophile - not novels as such, more coffee table type books, ones about photography, planets, adventure, campervans - I love just sitting and pondering over them, looking at the photographs therein - the same goes for my photo albums and photobooks - it's amazing to get them out and take a look through with family and friends and laugh at your fashion choices, cry at your tiny baby (who's all grown up now) and remember all the good times contained within the pages. That just doesn't happen with digital files now does it?

So if you've yet to get a new years resolution on the go (or your 'healthy eating/get fit' regime has fallen by the wayside already) ... let this be your 'thing' for this year... or even just this month.... GET YOUR PHOTOS PRINTED! Treat yourself to that wedding album, a print box of your photographs, or even just a mounted print enlargement or two or some gorgeous wall art. My products are really very reasonably priced - take a look. You won't be disapointed & I hand deliver throughout Aberdeenshire.

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